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BeProvided Conservation Radio


BeProvided Conservation Radio takes you from the Santa Cruz Mountains to Africa with expert interviews in wildlife biology, conservation, environmental education, eco tourism and much much more. Our interviews help bridge the gap between international conservation efforts and local conservation efforts. Learn how you can help close to home and worldwide to save our wildlife, plants, water and environment. 

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Introduction and Outro done by friend of the podcast, Dale Willman, award winning journalist! Thank you Dale for this wonderful contribution!

Feb 13, 2018

This episode is about a personal story of human-wildlife conflict mitigation. Meritho Juma Katei grew up as a traditional Maasai in Tanzania. As a child he thought of lions and carnivores as his enemy because they would eat his family's livestock. As he grew up, his mother would teach him how to love life and nature; including people and animals! 

During his secondary education he visited a national park and was able to see lions living peacefully and see that they too are only trying to survive and protect their families. He knew then, he wanted to continue his education to study wildlife behavior. He is now working with the Korongoro People's Lion Initiative in northern Tanzania educating his communities and other communities like his on how to live peacefully and coexist with lions. 

Learn more about his story in this podcast! 

Learn more about the initiative and Ngorongoro Conservation area he speaks about here: