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BeProvided Conservation Radio

BeProvided Conservation Radio takes you from the Santa Cruz Mountains to Africa with expert interviews in wildlife biology, conservation, environmental education, nature writing, nature art/photography, eco tourism and much much more.  Learn how you can help close to home and worldwide to protect our natural world.

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Introduction and Outro done by friend of the podcast, Dale Willman, award winning journalist! Thank you Dale for this wonderful contribution!

May 14, 2019

Meet Ashleigh Lutz-Nelson, Assistant Curator of Carnivores at the San Francisco Zoo! In this podcast Ashleigh talks about how she fell in love with carnivores, specifically cats at a young age and knew she wanted to aways work with animals. She discusses her journey of wanting to be a veterinarian to changing g her mind and wanting to work more with wildlife conservation and animal behavior. She volunteered with the veterinary staff a Zoo Tampa at Lowry Park in Tampa, Florida. There she fell in love with the wildlife rehabilitation part of the work  and her path changed to become a keeper at Busch Gardens. She assisted with ambassador animals on Wildlife Docs and on shows such as the Today Show, to educate people about wildlife, their behavior and importance to our world. 

Ashleigh fills us in on her role at the zoo as Assistant Curator of Carnivores and the zoo's role in wildlife rescue, rehabilitation and breeding. She has 13 carnivore species under care at the zoo and talks about their roles in field conservation. 

Ashleigh's story is an excellent example of turning passion into a fulfilling career.  Inspiration for us, young and old, who love wildlife and want to contribute. she is very passionate and it gives me hope that she, and many others like her are helping to save these animals and share their stories with the world.

Special Thank you to Ashleigh and her staff for showing us around the zoo on Earth Day, Patricia Dennis Photography for taking photographs and recording videos of the interview and day and Josanne Virene for her love of animals, support and assistance throughout the day.