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BeProvided Conservation Radio

BeProvided Conservation Radio takes you from the Santa Cruz Mountains to Africa with expert interviews in wildlife biology, conservation, environmental education, nature writing, nature art/photography, eco tourism and much much more.  Learn how you can help close to home and worldwide to protect our natural world.

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Introduction and Outro done by friend of the podcast, Dale Willman, award winning journalist! Thank you Dale for this wonderful contribution!

Apr 7, 2022

Today’s episode is a replay of my FB live interview with two members of the Cal Falcons team who have been monitoring the nest of Annie and Grinnell since 2016.  I wanted to replay highlights from our chat in May 2020 today in honor of Grinnell. On April 1, 2022, Cal Falcons sadly reported the world had lost Grinnell due to being struck by a car. I was hoping this would be some kind of bad April fools post, but I knew Cal Falcons would not tug at our heart strings with such a cruel joke. It was difficult to grasp that Grinnell was gone.  I know I am not alone in mourning the loss of Grinnell, the cal falcons instagram page has over 10 thousand followers from all over the world. It is a terribly sad event for so many reasons, but heart wrenching because Annie just laid her second egg and Grinnell was hunting to bring food to her. It was reported a dead pigeon was found not far from Grinnell. My heart felt heavy for Annie, thinking that she would not be able to keep protecting and incubating the eggs without the help of a mate. But I am happy to say there is now hope for Annie and her eggs! Cal Falcons has reported that a New Guy, who has big talons to fill compared to Grinnell!, is helping Annie incubate the egg, providing food and defending the nest from other peregrine intruders. This is so promising! Music by Madirfan titled Both of Us on

Show notes with more video of falcons at